About Us

Neurobehavioral Center for Growth’s vision is to enable each individual to reach their full potential.

By providing TMS therapy for our patient’s with Major Depressive Disorder, we hope to give patients a treatment option that has minimal side effects and positive results that they were unable to find with traditional pharmacologic treatments.

Our TMS team is experienced in patient care and dedicated to improving the lives of every patient we treat and with their friends and families.

Our Team Members:

Tayler Hislop is a certified Medical Assistant with over 11 years of experience working in Behavioral Health. She started out working with adults at McKay Dee Behavioral Health and has had a passion learning about Mental Health and helping those in need ever since. From there, she worked at Intermountain Neurology, which further sparked her interest in Psychology and Neurologic Disorders. She has since joined NBCG and is involved in their TMS program, where she can combine her love and interest in Psychology and Neurology.

Romina Valdizan is a licensed TMS technician and CNA. She recently moved to Utah from Southern California where she earned an A.A in Behavioral sciences. She is currently attending university in pursuit of a Bachelors in Nursing.

Nick Sueoka has worked in the medical field at different practices for 10 years, specifically working with insurance companies to insure patients coverage on their treatments and medications. He is now working with patients and insurances to help assist them in gaining coverage for TMS treatments here at NBCG.

Neurobehavioral TMS

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